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Xin Da Spinning Technology Sdn. Bhd. specializes in manufacturing three-dimensional hollow staple fiber products which are mainly used for home-textile, furniture, clothing and other industries. Our main product includes 7D*32/64MM HC&HCS, 15D*32/64MM HC & HCS, 6D*64MM Solid, 20D*64MM Black & Green and 23D*64MM, etc. The fiber mainly exports to China and other countries with annual sales of 50 million US dollars.

The company's mission is to serve customers both home and abroad. Its main strategic objective isz to develop the international market in five years and become a first-class manufacturer and distributor of three-dimensional hollow staple fiber in Malaysia.

Due to the huge demand for three-dimensional hollow staple fiber in the international market and the shortage of PET raw materials in China, the three-dimensional hollow staple fiber produced by our company mainly use recycled PET plastic bottles as raw materials. As there are so many three-dimensional hollow staple fiber manufacturers in China, the market competition is fierce and the sales price is becoming lower and lower. The required amount of three-dimensional hollow staple fiber is about 35,000 tons and the output value are 50 million US dollars. The above-mentioned requirement does not include the amounts of fillings required by manufacturers to produce bedding, sofas, and clothes in neighbouring countries, for example, India, Thailand, Vietnam and etc. We can take a good advantage of transportation located in Malaysia which does not have a manufacturer of three-dimensional hollow staple fiber.

According to the survey on the recycling of PET plastic bottles in Malaysia, the daily recycled PET plastic bottles are more than 100 tons on the market.

For the management of the Malaysian factory, a director with many years of professional management experience and a Chinese engineer with many years of professional experience served as technical manager. Each key job post has a technical staff coming from China. Totally we will use 50 employees from China. In addition, we will employ 200 more or less local staff as we will be in operation 24*7.

Malaysia is the second plant of our group. There is another plant with the same capacity in South Africa which started to operate from 2007. We managed to be certified ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System in South Africa. For Malaysia plant, we will work under the same standard and be certified ISO Quality Management System.

We warmly welcome customers both home and aboard to visit us!